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with minimal user disruption,
No matter the size.

Office 365 migrations might seem like a large and complicated project… But here’s the good news: You don’t have to compromise your IT strategy or business tools and processes whilst you do it

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Migrations made easy, here are the FAST facts

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Tenant to Tenant without the Stress

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or general consolidation… Whatever the reason, having multiple tenants is highly inefficient, complex, and can be very troublesome for end users. Get help to navigate the strategic, planning and process blockers which make tenant to tenant migrations difficult.

Benefits include:


Migration strategy and plan aligned
to overall IT objectives


Leverage economies of scale from
central management


Merger and acquisition tenant consolidation


Achieve regulatory compliance


Remove complexity and inefficiency

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Improve user experience, collaboration and productivity

“World Renowned Airline Works with Insentra for their Tenant Migration”

We have migrated over 8 PETABYTES of data for more than 400 Clients. In this scenario a globally recognised airline needed to integrate a subsidiary into their core Office 365 tenant.

Wherever you are in your migration journey, let’s talk.

Insentra and Quadratech’s unique approach to tenant to tenant migrations not only ensures a swift migration but keeps your overall IT strategy front of mind and delivers on agreed and measurable project outcomes. No matter what stage in your migration project you are at, it’s time to talk to our experts.

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Peter Cooney

Head of Solutions

Passionate about customer success, Peter brings over 20 years of industry experience in professional services delivery with major IT partners to Insentra. Across his career he has had a focus on the adoption of Microsoft technology and cloud solutions to enable organisations to achieve more.